Once Upon A Prince

Prince Charming

No one believes that we live in fairy tale times, but the current news is filled with stories about princes.  Some are stories with happy endings.  In others the prince not only does not live happily ever after, he does not even live.  If once upon a time is now, what are princes up to these days?

The Little Prince.  In merry old England, there’s a young prince who is a media darling.  He is being raised by a mum and dad who really love him–and each other.  Although he is in line for the throne and lives between a country estate and a 22 room apartment at Kensington Palace, his dad describes them as just a “normal” family.  Little Prince George Alexander Louis, more commonly known as Prince George, attends pre-school and engages in the typical activities of a little boy.  Nevertheless, his every move is photographed and scrutinized.

Unlike other young lads his age, Little Prince George is a mover and shaker in the fashion industry.  If he wears it, every mother in the land wants her child to wear it as well.  Within seven minutes the $39 soft terry robe George wore to meet the leader of the free world before tripping off to bed was sold out.


Prince George is still young and likes to play with toys.  Like many young children, some of his toys were presents from family friends.  Unlike the other tots, though, some of Prince George’s toys were gifted by the President of the United States.  Perhaps Barack could convince Prince George to re-enact Paul Revere’s midnight ride on that wooden rocking horse he and Michelle gave the third in line to the British throne.  Wouldn’t you love to hear him yell “The British are coming” in a British accent?

Prince george on horse

The Musical Prince.  Unless you were living under a rock the past few days, you are aware that the musical star Prince unexpectedly died at the age of 57.  Although born a commoner, he was given a royal first name, Prince; his middle and last names were not so royal–Rogers Nelson.  This prince lived in a stately castle, Paisley Park, in a northern land (Minnesota) that would be a good setting for “Frozen.”

Prince was a prolific songwriter, but he is probably best known for his 1984 song”Purple Rain.”  Purple being the color of royalty, this hue in the song title is appropriate for a prince.  The meaning of the lyrics is a bit dark though, as Prince explained that purple referred to the end of the world.  Guess it is appropriate for “Purple Rain” is incessantly being played on the radio following his death–the end of his world.

Prince singer picture

The musical Prince’s demise has given rise to a frenzy of media speculation as to the cause of death.  Enquiring commoner minds want to know the reason for this tragic loss.  Perhaps there is a fairy tale cause for his untimely end.    Maybe he ate a poisoned apple?  NAH!  If he was taking Percocet, as some stories claim, he learned the hard way that princes and commoners alike can die from taking too much.  A sad end to his fairy tale existence.  Doves and his fans are crying.

The Prince Who Is Living Happily Ever After

Notice how the fairy tale story always ends with the prince and his love living happily ever after?  No details are provided because the couple rides off into the sunset on a horse towards a stunning castle where they presumably live out their days in total bliss.

In real life, we have ALL the details about how one prince is living happily every after.  Yes, indeed, Prince William married his longtime love, Kate Middleton, in a ceremony befitting a future king.  News outlets and the tabloids provide us with daily tidbits about his royal life.  He flies an air ambulance for a job.  He has fathered two adorable children–the requisite boy first followed shortly thereafter by a little princess.  And when he is not flying about the kingdom and raising the next generation of royalty, he takes trips abroad to exotic locations.  Nothing like a photo opp with your beautiful wife by your side in front of the Taj Mahal.

Prince William Taj Mahal

Prince Charming

The words “handsome” and “prince” are inextricably joined in fairy tales.  The only time an ugly prince rears his head is when some evil witch has cast a spell turning the royal stud into a frog pending a kiss from a fair maiden.  In modern days we have a handsome prince who is the world’s most eligible bachelor.  He is the red haired kid brother of Prince William–Prince Henry Charles Albert David a/k/a Prince Harry.

While Prince Harry has not been reported to have slain any dragons, he did spend ten years in the British Army making sure that the kingdom was safe and secure for his now 90 year old grandmother to run.  While he did not don a suit of armor, he nonetheless looked pretty swoon worthy in a military uniform.

Prince Harry

Sure, Prince Harry has bit of a bad boy streak in him, but doesn’t that make him all the more appealing?  Queen Elizabeth probably blew her crown when she heard that Harry had been photographed partying in Las Vegas with his royal bum exposed, but she was one of very few people who weren’t happy at the revealing photos.  Think Harry tried to weasel his way out of this by telling Grams that he was trying out the Emperor’s New Clothes?

Recently Harry has gotten lots of press for his involvement with disabled war veterans.  The Invictus Games will garner great media attention with a handsome prince at the helm.  Prince Harry might be considered charming because of his looks, but his charm is not skin deep.  Under that princely exterior is a warm and caring heart for commoners who are not leading a fairy tale life.

Fairy tales are fun to read, but they usually come to an end and do not involve current times.  Real life princes today, such as Prince George, Prince William, and Prince Harry, provide the basis for a continuing stream of stories about their present fairy tale existence.  They enjoy their royal lifestyle, and we enjoy reading all about it.  Even when death sadly comes, as with Prince Rogers Nelson, commoners are provided an endless stream of media reports about the circumstances surrounding his demise.  Prince lives on in the media.  This is one story about a Prince that I would not mind coming to an end. Please cease the unending media coverage. Let Prince rest in peace.















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