“They Say It’s Your Birthday”

Celebrating a birthday like I did earlier this week?  You might think you are special, but it really isn’t YOUR big day because an average of 15 million people in the world celebrate a birthday each day.  Other than what you might receive for this momentous annual event, do you every really stop to think about birthdays?  Let’s unwrap the packaging of birthdays and see what we find.

A birthday is the day each year where your entry into the world is celebrated. And what fond memories do you have of your arrival?  None, that’s what.  You are whooping it up over an event of which you have no recollection.  Even if you did recall it, that journey through the birth canal might have been pretty traumatic and best forgotten.

It makes sense to celebrate a wedding anniversary.  You have vivid memories of that event which was likely a very joyous one.  Your loved ones were present, you looked smashing in your wedding finery, and a good time was had by all at the reception.  But a birthday?  How joyous was that event for you?  You were pushed out of the comfort and safety of the womb, made your debut stark naked and may have been smacked so that you would cry..  Participants in the delivery were worn out and possibly blood splattered.  And we commemorate those conditions?

Ecclesiastes 3:2 tells us that there is a time to be born and a time to die.  A birthday is the time to be born.  The most popular time to be born is in the month of August with September coming in second in the popularity contest. The most common day for a birthday in the United States is September 16th, which makes sense when you consider that this means conception likely took place on Christmas.  Yes, that Christmas gift just kept on giving. Christmas is about the birth of a baby, so it is fitting that celebrating that baby’s arrival should result in another baby on the way.

And your birthday just wouldn’t be the same without all the trappings.  How would you feel about celebrating a birthday without the receipt of any cards, without having a birthday cake and without anyone singing “Happy Birthday?”  Why 58% of all cards sold are birthday cards.  The birthday boy and the economy both count on birthday cards being purchased to mark a birthday.  “Happy Birthday” is the most recognized song in the English language.  Why not?  Everyone has a birthday and has heard that song; they have either sung it or had it sung to them.

What a cake has to do with a baby’s birth is beyond me.  Having delivered two children of my own, I can attest that giving birth was no piece of cake for either the deliverer or the deliveree.  But what’s a celebration without food? You can eat veggies any day,  but a birthday is special, so sweets and calories are permitted–even encouraged–to celebrate it.

Yes, today is your birthday.  Well, perhaps not yours, but somebody’s birthday is today.  In fact, several million someone’s have a birthday today.  That means every day is a day to celebrate.  Regardless of how it all began, the fact that you or someone you love is still alive and kicking is reason to kick up your heels.   To the celebrants, I suggest, as Marie Antoinette may have, “let them eat cake.”  Just don’t lose your head in the celebration.

Just WONDER-ing:  Do you do anything special or unusual to celebrate your birthday?



10 thoughts on ““They Say It’s Your Birthday”

  1. I live in a very youth oriented sociaty, so getting older does not seem like a thing to celebrate, even though I should be thankful to God for another year of life. So maybe I should celebrate the extra time that God has given me to live and learn how to love like He loves, a little bit more.


  2. I love birthdays!!! I walk around on my birthday like I’m keeping an exciting secret. Nobody has to know, I just feel giddy inside that it’s something shared between God and me. I like to pay things forward that day, like coffee or other small things. I feel like bat girl, ha! Fun post Alice.


    1. Funny how we view birthdays differently as adults. As a kid we told everyone in the world it was our birthday. As adults we tend to keep that information to ourselves. We may even have to ask, “How old am I again?” 🙂 Thanks for reading.


  3. I love birthdays — mine, my family members, my friends. My dad likes to give gifts on his birthday, and I think this is a great idea! Loved the excitement in this post. Made me smile today…and it’s not even my birthday!


  4. The older I get, the more I enjoy celebrating my bday. In fact, my bday was 9/16 and my hubby’s 9/22. On my bdday, I want to be around those I love. It doesn’t matter what we do as long as the food and company are good. I think I might start implementing what Cherrilnn above does. I feel very blessed and would love to give back 🙂 I enjoyed this fun article!


    1. Glad you enjoyed the read. Happy belated birthday to you and your hubby! As an adult I don’t like to get things for my birthday as much as I do having fun experiences and spending time with those who are important to me.

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