Football Fun For Everyone


Sports fan or not, anyone watching the  NFC and AFC championship games played this past Sunday could have scored a good time. Even if you don’t know a blocked punt from a block in the back, there’s lots to enjoy when viewing the NFL playoffs. “How so?” you might ask. Well, there’s lots more to  a football game than plays run on the field. Let’s look a little closer and see why there’s football fun for everyone.

Like music? An NFL playoff game is the place to be. You’re sure to find some music star on the field before the kickoff to sing the national anthem. At least they are singing THEIR version of the national anthem.The violence may start before the game when our country’s beloved song is massacred.

Jimmy Buffett tore himself away from Margaritaville to do the honors before the NFC championship game between the Saints and the Rams. Buffett is a lifelong Saints fan, so he probably did not have to be bribed with a cheeseburger from paradise to get him to appear. Clad in a Saints shirt and without musical accompaniment, Buffett saluted our country with his recognizable voice. At the end of the song, I exclaimed, “Oh, say did you see….” However, I was not verbalizing the lyrics to “The Star-Spangled Banner.” Nope. I was asking if I had seen correctly that Buffett dropped his mike like a hot potato as soon as the song concluded.

Not to be outdone, the AFC Championship game also had a well-known singer (at least to folks my age) on the field to salute our country in song before kickoff. Melissa Etheridge, a big Kansas City Chiefs fan, bundled up and braved the cold to deliver the national anthem. Personally, I would rather have had her sing “Come To My Window” during halftime instead, but no one asked me.

Obviously, I am not the stereotypical woman who would rather be shopping for shoes than watching games on the gridiron. But for those girly girls out there who are more interested in jewelry than jocks and clothing than clothesline tackles, the championship games offered the opportunity to check out rings and coverings. Running back Alvin Kamara of the New Orleans Saints carried more than just a ball on the field. His nose ring was clearly visible under his helmet.If the ring was gold, it coordinated with the gold uniform pants the Saints wore for the big game..

Clothing was a big concern at the AFC Championship game where temperatures were pretty nippy. Anyone hoping to catch a glimpse of scantily clad cheerleaders was sorely disappointed. The Chiefs’  cheer squad was chiefly concerned with staying warm. They were practically dressed in warm-up suits which hopefully lived up to their names. Fans in the stands looked like they were wearing as much clothing as possible to avoid freezing. Perhaps they stood through much of the game because they couldn’t bend all those layers to sit down. Sitting wasn’t an issue for the Patriots owners; the Krafts looked pretty toasty (and coatless) in their swank stadium box. With ownership comes privileges such as staying warm while thousands around you verge on frostbite.

And speaking of clothing, weather played an interesting role in the two championship games. In New Orleans, where fans were shown strolling around the French Quarter in shorts, spectators watched the game sheltered from the elements in the comfort of the Superdome. Over in Kansas City, where the temperature was 19 degrees at kickoff, freezing fans watched the game in Arrowhead Stadium, which is open to the elements. But not to worry. The field was not going to freeze thanks to an underground heating system. The fans? Yup. They were freezing.

Those truly uninterested in the football game itself had the commercial breaks to entertain them. Viewers were given ample opportunity to critique the ads since it seemed there were a limited amount of ads that were run over and over again. I think Progressive’s Flo was experiencing “Groundhog Day” as she and her crew repeatedly showed up to protect neighborhood property.  Hilariously, the McDonald’s commercial featuring Chiefs’ tight end Travis Kelce dancing at the counter to celebrate a Mix and Match deal as visions of a TD catch danced in his head, appeared within a short time span of Kelce actually scoring a TD. Reality TV fans may have recognized Kelce as the star of the reality show Catching Kelce, where girls from every state vied to become Travis’ girlfriend. The lucky girl may or may not have been taken to McDonald’s to celebrate her catch.

For those who enjoy bloopers, the Saints-Rams match up was a must see. The game ended with controversy over the refs’ failure to call a blatant pass interference in the final two minutes. Just like the commercials, the play was run over and over again. Everyone agreed the refs blew it, but TBSS (too bad so sad) for the Saints. Obviously, no one (particularly a ref) is perfect, but at least the average Joe doesn’t have where he’s dropped the proverbial ball aired on national TV and rerun ad nauseum. The reactions of the various people involved (refs, coaches, players fans) was quite entertaining as the play was under review. If you are a people watcher, football games are for you.

Next up? Football fever reaches a fever pitch with the Super Bowl looming ahead on February 3rd. Even if you don;t care about football stats or are not rooting for a particular team to win (or perhaps, such as in my case, lose), fun awaits you if you watch the game. A football game is an event. There’s plenty going on off and on the field, so there’s something to entertain everyone. Tune in for the clutch plays or for the commercials, tune in to armchair quarterback or to critique the ads, tune in to listen to the commentators or to enjoy the national anthem sung by a star; tune in for injury reports or for a weather report. It’s football fun for everyone!

Just WONDER-ing: Did you watch the conference championship games this past Sunday? Why or why not? What do you enjoy most about watching a football game? The least? If you are a football fan, what non-sports things do you pay attention to while viewing a game?




2 thoughts on “Football Fun For Everyone

  1. Hi Alice, I’m a Saints fan, so I was very upset with the no-call which affected the results of the game, so I don’t have much interest in the Super Bowl. About Jimmy Buffett, my husband didn’t know who he was, just that he sang off-key, which is how he’s made millions. I thought the Drew Brees commercial was funny, but the results of the game made it sad.


  2. Thanks for taking the time to read my post, Marilyn. I was rooting for the Saints, although I was happy to see Todd Gurley (a fellow Georgia Bulldog) of the Rams play so well. When I first saw Jimmy Buffett on the screen, I didn’t recognize him. When he started singing, I knew exactly who he was based on his voice. I’ll watch the Super Bowl mainly to root against the Patriots. Do not like them or their sour puss expression coach.

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