Trump Trivia

With several primaries slated for tomorrow, voters will be asked to cast votes to winnow down the field of presidential candidates.  After no less than twelve Republican debates and intense media coverage, one would think that we have heard all that there is to know about the GOP candidates.  Nevertheless, this is just not the case.  Let’s see how much the average voter does NOT know about the frontrunner in the Republican field.

What is The Donald’s favorite food?  Trump is a billionaire business man.  Surely he craves expensive and exotic foods.  Is it caviar? Pate de foie gras?  Nope.  The Donald is a down to earth guy like you and me.  After a long hard day of wheeling and dealing, he’ll want a nice big serving of MEATLOAF on his plate.  And make sure that there is plenty of ketchup available.


What is The Donald’s favorite book?  Does he enjoy reading about economic theory?  Business strategy?  Perhaps How To Win Friends And Influence People?  Maybe so, but he states that THE BIBLE is absolutely his favorite book.  Hopefully the Gideons have placed a copy in the swanky hotel rooms where he stays while on the campaign trail.  Coming in second is his own book, The Art Of The Deal.

Is The Donald A Sports Fan?  Yes, in the sense that he can make money from sports.  The Donald once served as the financial advisor to Mike Tyson and was the owner of the New Jersey Generals of the (now-defunct) USFL. Thus, The Donald has technically had experience as a commander-in-chief as head of the Generals.

What alcoholic beverage would The Donald likely serve at state dinners?  Not sure what he would serve, but he will not be drinking it.  He is a teetotaler.  The Donald’s older brother, Fred, died of alcoholism, so The Donald shuns drinking.  Of course, that did not stop him from marketing a brand of vodka at one point.

What high honor was bestowed upon The Donald in Hollywood?  He holds star #2,327 in Hollywood’s Walk of Fame for his work on The Apprentice.  Of course, being president is a much more exclusive club (he’d be only #45) and he wants in.

Republican presidential candidate frontrunner Donald Trump's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in seen, September 10, 2015 in Hollywood, California. Trump was awarded the star in 2007 in the television category. AFP PHOTO / ROBYN BECK

Would The Donald take a smoke break with Barack O’Bama?  No.   O’Bama quit smoking while President because he got tired of trying to  sneak past the watchful eye of Michelle who wanted him to quit the nasty habit.  Even if Obama relapsed and took smoking up again,  The Donald won’t be lighting up with him; he’s a non-smoker.  That characterization does not deter his detractors from calling some of his proposals smoke and mirrors.


What common political gesture does The Donald avoid?  He is  a germaphobe and avoids shaking hands when possible.  It is hard to be a politician without getting your hands dirty.  What was The Donald thinking by entering the political arena?  Is kissing babies any more sanitary?

What is The Donald’s zodiac sign?  He’s a Gemini (the Twins).  Heavens!  Can you imagine two of him? The sign seems to fit him though as Geminis love to talk.  And he’s been doing lots of that on the campaign trail.

What’s significant about the month and day The Donald was born?  He was born on June 14th, Flag Day.  With such a patriotic beginning, The Donald clearly feels he was destined to hear “Hail To The Chief” for his birthday in 2017.

Has The Donald ever been in the military?  No, but he entered the New York Military Academy at age 13.  So, he has spent some time in uniform and can say that he is a graduate of a military academy.

Is The Donald a grandparent?  Yes, he has seven grandchildren with another on the way.  Hmmm.  No one said anything about him not running because he was a grandpa like they questioned Hillary running since she was a grandma.  Do I detect some sexism here?  Naaahhh.

Why might The Donald be great with Eastern European relations?  His first wife was a Czech model and his current (and third) wife was a Slovenian model.  Thus, he seems to have an affinity for this area of the world.  At least he might be able to charm the female population there.

Where does The Donald call home sweet home?  His little nest is a penthouse condo on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan at the top of Trump Tower.  At least with that type of abode he doesn’t have to worry about mowing his lawn.


Hopefully, these trivia tidbits have given you an even better picture of The Donald, the presidential candidate.  He is not simply a candidate; he is an individual with a life, a family, personal tastes, etc.  Candidates are not one-dimensional political beings.  Let’s consider the whole package and not merely political rhetoric.  We are all products of our experiences and our environment.  Doesn’t it then behoove us to consider those aspects as well as the issues when it comes to electing the next resident of the White House?











The average citizen associates the term “nine lives” with a cat.  With the death of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia this past weekend, the term brings to mind the bodies that sit on the Supreme Court bench, i.e, nine justices.  Filling the now vacant ninth spot is likely to cause a cat fight among politicians.

The Supreme Court of the United States, familiarly known as SCOTUS, is the highest federal court in our land.  And nothing says that you are on top of the court heap like having a cool acronym to be referenced by.  The high court was created by Article III of the U.S. Constitution.   The Constitution is a fairly dry and old historical document, so it doesn’t have a cool acronym like SCOTUS does.   Article III provided for the Supreme Court to have a chief justice and associate justices, but it left it to Congress to fix the number of justices to sit on the court.


Initially, the Supreme Court had six justices.  Ultimately, Congress figured out that an odd number of justices might work better to avoid tie votes.  Nine has been the magic number of justices since 1869.  Magic must have something to do with it since the justices are always pictured in flowing black robes like they were professors at Hogwarts.


To become a Supreme Court Justice is quite the process.  There’s no swimsuit competition like in Miss America, but popularity does have something to do with the winners of both contests.  The POTUS (President Of The United States) gets to nominate a contestant he likes.  The nominee must then be confirmed by the Senate who determines it likes POTUS’ choice.  Confirmation hearings include asking the nominee to answer various questions like the interview portion of the Miss America Pageant.  Instead of saying that he’d use his reign–er, term on SCOTUS–to work for world peace, the SCOTUS nominee universally says that he would uphold the Constitution.  As Richard Dawson would say, “Good answer!”

Unfortunately, this was a really bad time for Justice Scalia to depart this life and require his successor to be chosen.  We’ve got a hotly contested and wide open presidential race going on for heaven’s sake.  Now, on top of determining what rude/vulgar but heartfelt and honest thing Donald Trump will say next and if he and Megyn Kelly will ever kiss and make up, we have to figure out just the right person to be #9 on SCOTUS.

The problem is that Justice Scalia, a 1986 Reagan appointee, was the leading conservative on SCOTUS.  The balance of power on SCOTUS may be drastically altered by the political leanings of his successor.  That’s why there’s a cacophony of talk about when to have an appointment to SCOTUS made.  The Donald, and many others, think that the decision should be delayed so that the new POTUS can make this important decision.  The input of the American people (or at least the pathetic percentage of them who are of voting age, registered to vote, and actually vote) is needed is for this choice.

Such a position should be quite disturbing to US for several reasons.  First, Barack Obama may be a lame duck president, but he is still POTUS.  It’s like being pregnant.  You either are pregnant or you are not.  Barack’s either POTUS with all the responsibilities and powers that entails, or he’s not.  This point is valid regardless of the party affiliation of the sitting POTUS. And by electing him, the American people have already spoken and put the power in his hands until the end of his term.

Barack picture

Second, time and tide waits for no man.  America can’t simply delay crucial decisions until a better future time.  Life happens when it happens convenient or not.  A vacancy has occurred and it needs to be filled.  There is no asterisk in Article III stating “unless the POTUS is a lame duck.”  If the wacko running North Korea takes threatening militaristic action, are we going to send him a note and tell him to hold that thought until a new POTUS is on the scene since significant consequences will result from whatever decision is made?  I think not.

Third, calling for a delay is nothing more than playing a political game.  Justice is supposed to be blind, so trying to make sure that the “right” party gets to make the choice of the SCOTUS nominee makes a mockery of the impartiality the ultimate SCOTUS justice is supposed to display.

Fourth, there will be judicial fallout if no appointment is quickly made.  SCOTUS is in the middle of its current term which runs from the first Monday in October through June or early July.  If only 8 justices participate in these appeals, the dread tie vote might occur.  In that event, the lower court decision merely stands.  Don’t we want a reasoned opinion issued one way or another so at least the important issue which made it all the way to SCOTUS has been determined by that court?

Let’s not forget that even if the sitting POTUS nominates someone, that isn’t a “Go to the bench, go directly to the bench” card.  Confirmation proceedings must occur and Senate blessings bestowed.  Given that the current POTUS is a Democrat and the Senate is Republican-controlled, there will be plenty of opportunity for both parties to influence the ultimate decision.  Barack has to keep in mind that the nominee must have a chance to pass muster on the Hill in order to be confirmed.  This isn’t Obama’s first Supreme Court rodeo.  He’s previously nominated now sitting Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan, so he knows how the process works.

confirmation hearings

This situation is a golden opportunity  for US to realize that our government’s operation is an ongoing one of which we need to be aware.  Presidential elections occur only every four years, but the government operates continuously between those main events.  Curiosity might kill the proverbial cat, but it is up to US to ask questions and stay on top of issues affecting how our country is run.  The POTUS and SCOTUS are there to make government work for US.  Government is not working for us when those in charge punt to the next shift.












Practical Presents For People Presented In People


It’s the most worrisome time of the year. Christmas is rapidly approaching, and the deadline is looming for picking out just the right present. Perfection may be setting the bar a tad too high. Avoiding a present that bombs may be a more attainable goal.

Let’s admit it. Each of us has received that head shaking, eye rolling, “What were they thinking of?” gift at some point in life. While I’ve forgotten the gifts relatives sent that I oohed and aahed over as a child, I’ll never forget the awful gift sent by an out of state aunt who shall remain nameless to avoid bloodshed within the bloodline. For some unknown reason, she thought that my siblings and I would be over the moon about receiving socks for Christmas. Yes, I said SOCKS. These weren’t fancy socks with any particular design or theme. No, sir. These were just plain and simple socks. Give my aunt a “P” for “practical” but not for “perfect.”  Needed?  Yes.  Nice?  No kid in his/her right mind would think so.  But the present did get used.


Not that I am in a gift-giving relationship with any of these people, but I’ve given some thought to the practical presents that I’d buy for some famous folks. Their reaction might be like mine to the socks I received, but methinks these gifts are quite apropos and needed.  On my shopping list would be the following:

1.  Donald Trump–a mouthguard.  No, he doesn’t play basketball, but this presidential candidate’s often inflammatory and outrageous statements indicate that he needs something to restrain his mouth, at least long enough for his brain to be engaged before he opens it.

2.  Caitlyn Jenner–her picture on a box of cereal.  She’s not an athlete like her alter ego, Bruce, but she has broken new ground with her gender change.  How about her likeness on a box of SHEaties?

3,  Lamar Odom–a name tag.  This athlete’s name is well known to the world for his basketball prowess and his marriage to one of the K sisters.  However, due to his cocaine snorting, he can’t always remember who he is and may need a handy prompt.


4.  Barack Obama–a gift certificate for a transition assistance program.  He’s the sitting president now, but he’s also a lame duck.  The clock Is ticking for his eviction from the White House.  What to do next?  From Obamacare he’ll switch to Obamawhere?

5.  Alex Skarlatos–a recording of “Love Train.”  This American hero took action against a terrorist on a train.  He then rode his resulting fame to a gig on “Dancing With The Stars.”  Why not put that fancy footwork he learned to use advocating for peace through a meaningful dance to the O’Jay’s “Love Train?”

6.  Josh Duggar–an Internet filter.  His family rose to fame on a cable channel show, but he spent more time trolling for hookups via Ashley Madison or viewing porn than he did viewing wholesome fare such as “19 Kids And Counting.”  The key is selectivity in what you’re watching, Josh.

7.  Tom Brady–a pump.  What better way to avoid controversies such as Deflategate than to have your own personal pump to keep those pigskins at the proper pressure?


8.  Jared Fogle–a  scale.  We all know the ex-Subway pitchman lost a huge amount of weight by eating at Subway.  With his predilection for child porn and sex with youngsters, Jared’s continued to lose; however, this time it is his job as Subway pitchman, his wife, his family, his freedom, etc.  Perhaps he should have weighed his decisions more carefully.

9.  Kim Kardashian–a serving tray.  Mrs. West’s bare bottom was seen from east to west coast on the Internet holding up a champagne bottle.  Poor thing apparently spent all her untold wealth on clothes she doesn’t wear and had nowhere else  to put her bottle of bubbly. Obviously her newborn son is the only Saint in that household.


10.  Jennifer Garner–a nanny cam.  As if splitting from hubby Ben wasn’t bad enough, Jennifer learned that Ben had been a very bad boy with their nanny.  Forget keeping an eye on the kids, you’d better be watching what the nanny is up to!

11.  Dr. Ben Carson–a campaign t-shirt.  The good doctor always appears well dressed, but a political campaign screams for a t-shirt to attract attention and support.  His could read, “Separated conjoined twins and can put this country back together!”

12.  Mark Zuckerberg–a new social media site.  Now that the Facebook CEO has added a bundle of joy to his family to go along with the bundle of money he’s made on Facebook, Mark needs to expand his offering to increase his earning potential. Raising kids, especially girls, can be very expensive.   He ought to have Baby Facebook where adorable pictures of tots can be posted.  Daughter Max can be the poster child of Baby Facebook.  It’s never too soon to get your child involved in the family business.

Thankfully, I didn’t have to spend my 12 days of Christmas rounding up excellent gifts for the elite.  While my ruminations may be humorous, the bottom line is perceptive.  Instead of giving folks what they say that want, it may be better in the long run to present  them with something fitting and beneficial which will be used and not mothballed or re-gifted. Ho! Ho! Ho! Meaningful Christmas Presents!