Bad Reporting On Baa-d Baa-d (Duggar) Black Sheep

Whether you have an inquiring mind or not, the media apparently thinks we want to know all about the latest Josh Duggar scandal.  Unfortunately, methinks inquisitive skills are lacking in the reporting.  What I’ve read has left me wondering.  Some of the burning questions I’d really like the answer to have not been addressed.

In case you have been living under a rock, eldest son and clear black sheep of the supersize Duggar family, Josh Duggar, was outed for having not one, but TWO, accounts with Ashley Madison.  He publicly admitted a porn addiction and to having cheated on his sweet wife, Anna.  This information has been repeated ad nauseum, but I am thinking some additional information digging into the Duggar disaster is warranted.

First, Ashley who? promotes what?  Media reports blithely skip over the existence of this site in their haste to nail Josh for his (admitted) hypocrisy. I’m sorry, but let’s get this straight.  There’s an online service that married people pay money for to facilitate them having affairs?  And there are MILLIONS of account holders?  Where is the moral outrage that this commercial activity is legal and that MILLIONS of people are cheating (or at least attempting to cheat) on their spouses?  Why is Josh the only one being condemned and publicly dragged through the mud?  My inquiring mind is wondering about that.  .

Second, what does TLC, the network which aired “Nineteen Kids And Counting” before axing it due to a previous Josh scandal, think about this turn of events?  The network’s presumed goal was to present a reality show that would draw lots of viewers. Hey, you can’t get more real than this Duggar family fiasco.  Just how many folks do you think would turn in to see Josh face Anna and confess his trespasses? (You can’t see it, but my hand is raised.)  Josh’s got some serious ‘splaining to do.  How does the Duggar family react when their world is turned upside down and their hearts are broken?  I would be much more interested in watching the true life family drama unfold than to turn into some matchmaking “reality” show that provides unmarried participants a fantasy suite in which to do who knows what.  (OK, we have a pretty good idea, and Josh might like to watch it…)

Third, what is at the root of Josh’s problems with not controlling sexual impulses?  Will he claim that it is merely the result of a learning disorder? According to his sisters’ book, Growing Up Duggar:  It’s All About Relationships, the male Duggars avoid impure thoughts by using the buzzword “Nike.”  When the alarm word is given, they stare at the floor and clear their minds.  Could Josh have misunderstood and thought father Jim Bob’s saying, “Nike” mean to “Just Do It?”  Or maybe Josh was just doing his (now former) job for the Family Research Council.  He may have needed firsthand data on the deterioration of the family in our modern society. Perhaps he will merely state what should be plain to the rest of us–he is human and screwed up big time–literally as well as figuratively in his case. Funny, I must have missed the “Nineteen Kids And Counting” episode on TLC where Josh claimed to be perfect since he was a Christian.

Fourth, who is this “adult film star,” Danica Dillon, that Josh allegedly had sex with on two separate occasions?  What are her credentials beyond, of course, the obvious movie credits (of which I mercifully have no personal knowledge)?  She must have a professional counseling degree since her advice to Anna on how to handle the situation (leave Josh) was given attention in articles in which her liaison was addressed..  Of course, she (who purportedly agreed to have sex with Josh for $1,500 after picking him up in a club) would be morally outraged at his betrayal of his wife.  And, GASP!  She didn’t know he was married.  Because certainly she would not sell herself to any man other than an unmarried one.

Fifth, why is Josh’s cousin Amy Duggar (now blissfully King as a result of her recent wedding) currently front and center in media reports?  Amy says says she’s “furious” with Josh, Amy couldn’t wait to change her last name from Duggar, etc.  While “Nineteen Kids And Counting” was running, Amy was an afterthought.  Other than an episode where she took off for Nashville to seek fame and fortune as a country singer, she was relegated to cameo appearances on the series..  Now, the media apparently can’t get enough of her.  If she’s still into country music, she could have a hit on her hands.  The sad situation with her cousin Josh should give her ample fodder to pen a hit country song, “His Cheatin’ Heart.”  Then again, maybe not.  She’s too busy giving interviews to People magazine and snapping pics from her Cancun honeymoon to have much time for songwriting.

Sadly, the media’s narrow focus is on Josh’s sins and making him pay publicly for them. Reporters don’t seem to inquire about anything else but his misdeeds.  We get “Umpteen Sins And Counting” ad nauseum,  If you wonder about anything else but that topic, you will be left still wondering.  Sure Josh screwed up, but the media is screwing up by pounding on his sins only and not providing information on related issues which inquiring minds like mine and hopefully yours want to know.

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